Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cartoonalysis-Prioritizing spouse over SHOPPING...!

Dear Venky....

Chanced  upon this cartoon on a telugu led website...

Got me thinking....over a period of time
Time with spouse: Drags....
Spouse becomes : A habit, A constant, An omnipresent factor
Priorities:, reading, meeting friends, haggling with kids take precedence over spending time with your spouse

Some call it a very natural progression, to me its losing out on time with that one person who has the potential to be ever present for you.with you.

I do not want this to happen to us.We have to do something to keep our relationship from turning into a glaring truth that is both uncomfortable and shackling!

I know right now we are thinking career, making money, thinking socializing, making babies and what not.Are we thinking about 'us' ? 'Us' five years later, ten years hence.

Money will will grow, shrink...we do not have control over all this on a long term.But one thing needs to be constant ..US...not U.S or dreams of earning big.(sticking my tongue out)

Think about it!

Till then,

Hasta la vista, baby!