Sunday, 24 May 2015

“You can't be value-free when it comes to marriage” ― Al Gore

Treating another person with respect and valuing their independence is called civility. Not generosity.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The day you brought a change in me....

Venky, dedicated to you on our exclusive Valentine's Day, 12th Feb that is!

While you travel back home each day; 
please think two years back today;
the day I set my eyes on you;
the day I fell for the simple you;
the day you opened to me your soul;

with just a humble goal;
the goal to make me smile;

every day without a guile;
you keep your promise in place;
with a wonder that makes me daze;

but clarity arises; 
as I make promises; 
an oath to love you everyday; 
with the same commitment as that day;
the day I fell for the simple you....
The day you opened to me your soul......

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Cartoonalysis-Prioritizing spouse over SHOPPING...!

Dear Venky....

Chanced  upon this cartoon on a telugu led website...

Got me thinking....over a period of time
Time with spouse: Drags....
Spouse becomes : A habit, A constant, An omnipresent factor
Priorities:, reading, meeting friends, haggling with kids take precedence over spending time with your spouse

Some call it a very natural progression, to me its losing out on time with that one person who has the potential to be ever present for you.with you.

I do not want this to happen to us.We have to do something to keep our relationship from turning into a glaring truth that is both uncomfortable and shackling!

I know right now we are thinking career, making money, thinking socializing, making babies and what not.Are we thinking about 'us' ? 'Us' five years later, ten years hence.

Money will will grow, shrink...we do not have control over all this on a long term.But one thing needs to be constant ..US...not U.S or dreams of earning big.(sticking my tongue out)

Think about it!

Till then,

Hasta la vista, baby!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

When you go that extra mile :) !

Venky......loved what you did today.....added yourself in my friends' group to get to know them ......that extra mile...makes me fall in love with u all over again!

Friday, 13 September 2013

Junkyard wars.....!

I am doing this amazing course with through penn state.....sharing some pictures for products made from junk at work! #cicmooc ...On second I can refine it and actually sell it online!!!!!

An email that left me with a bad taste!

Dear Venky

Hello to you..I have something very important to share.

Read this link!You will be shocked:

An email: I cannot bend to my FIL’s greed … but I don’t want to break up a family (mine) …

Read this in a favourite fellow blogger's site....

Here the lady in question is trying to not get back with her in-laws.You know I am a staunch joint-family activist, hence I found the issue very weird...until I read on.

The FIL and MIL are apparently not very educated and had thrown their DIL and son out of the house when she was miscarrying.Now the MIL is no-more and he wants the son back into his house.

FIL hates his grand-daughter apparently...and never bothered to check on the family post driving them away.

In such a situation, son is supposed to take a 40 Lac loan for the family to buy a house where all together can stay???The husband/son is totally caught up in between with the wife saying that money is tight and father brainwashing him everyday.

The wife is even ready to walk out on him!I guess she is really frustrated and so is the poor husband...But I really can't imagine a FIL like this....??SHOCKING!!

In all this, I am so glad we have a family where we are really taken care of!Need to thank god for that!

More importantly, need to thank you..yes, you...You have such clarity of thought and you stick to your makes me feel really good and secure!

Stay that way..always (even if it annoys me sometimes that you do not budge!)